How to update Junos on an EX series Juniper Switch via USB (standalone device)


- USB 2.0 (or later) Flash Drive formatted as FAT or MS-DOW

- Latest JunOS (9.6 or later) firmware for your device

Step 1

Move the Junos firmware file to the root folder of the USB drive.

Step 2

Console into the Juniper device and enter shell as root by typing start shell user root and enter the admin password for the Switch

Step 3

Mount the USB device by typing the command mount_msdosfs /dev/da1s1 /mt

Step 4

Enter CLI on the Junos device by typing cli

Step 5

Enter command request system software add /mnt/>image name "jinstall-exe-4200-10.0S10.1-domestic-signed.tgz"

Step 6

Reboot the EX switch by typing request system reboot

Step 7

After the reboot, log back in and verify the new Junos version by typing the command show version

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