How to perform factory upgrade of EdgeOS on Ubiquiti Edgemax router

Note: The router will need to be rebooted after the image has been applied

Step 1

To perform a factory upgrade, you will need to first download the latest firmware from Ubiquiti's website here:

Step 2

Login to the Ubiquiti router by typing in your URL bar.

Unless changed, login with the default username and password below:
Username: ubnt

Step 3

On the bottom left of the Dashboard GUI, select the tab labelled System

Step 4

Scroll down until you see Upgrade System Image

Step 5

Select the .tar image that you previously downloaded from Ubiquiti's website .

Step 6

After the upload and installation, the router will prompt you that it will need to be rebooted.

Step 7

After the reboot, you can then access the GUI by typing192.168.1.1 in the URL bar.

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