What Is Dedicated Bandwidth?

There are two major types of internet service providers: best-effort and dedicated.

Understanding the distinction between the two is critical.

A best-effort provider is the most common type of provider. They can service both residential and commercial buildings.

They're called best-effort providers for a few reasons, but one of the most important has to do with the overall reliability of the service. Even if best-effort services are online most of the time, the providers don't take any steps to guarantee their uptime or the general reliability of the connections they provide. That means that users have no real recourse for holding best-effort providers accountable for their service shortcomings.

Another thing these best-effort providers don't guarantee is available bandwidth. Let's say you signed up for a 300 Mbps internet package from a best-effort provider. That means that you will see speeds of up to 300 Mbps if there is no network congestion on the provider's network. If you're browsing during peak hours while all your neighbors are as well, you'll rarely be able to achieve that speed.

With a dedicated internet provider, you're guaranteed your bandwidth at all times. Your maximum bandwidth is not affected by other subscribers usage. This is especially important if your business relies on your internet for video conferences, VoIP calls, or internet usage during normal business hours.

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